How The Workforce Will Change Drastically

Now that the baby-boomer crowd is moving on to retirement, the question that is on everyone’s mind will finally be answered. What will the future of the workforce look like when the next generation of workers have filled the majority of roles? We thought we’d shed a little light on what is possible now that the current “workforce” generation is moving on and they are being replaced with a vastly different generation.

It’s All About The Decision


When we say it’s all about the decision, we are mainly referring to the fact that many young workers arriving in the workforce have so much pressure put on them with regards to what they will go into, that this can prove to be quite a daunting decision. The majority of these types of workers have so much pressure put on them to find the perfect job from their parents and society, that most of them just either end up bouncing around from one job to the next or choose to not decide. They witness their parents working at the same company for 30+ years and want no part of that, however, they do still want the pay and the security. What this indecision ultimately results in, is a non-stable workforce that will not be steadily growing until most of these young workers are over 40! The most confusing aspect of this entire dilemma is that most baby boomers choose to not help, but instead criticize. They choose to talk and complain to each other about the looming danger that is going to be present once the new generation replaces them as opposed to helping. What needs to happen is, the many baby-boomers moving out of their positions, should adopt themselves as mentors to help those coming up. We all know the transition into the workforce is tough but if any of us were to have someone devoted to making it easier, things would definitely run much smoother.


What Can We Do To Help?


One of the biggest factors that will help our young people find their path easier is if we have a lot of the baby-boomers and current workforce to both take the pressure off of them, and second of all, give them a better reason to look forward to the workforce. Many parents of this generation can step in and say “we support you no matter what, we just want you to be happy”. What this will result in, is a young worker who is now focused on their own happiness, and will, therefore, find it a lot quicker. Ultimately, if the baby-boomer workforce wants to sleep easier at night, they should instead help those coming up by showing support and working much harder to take the pressure off.


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