How The Workforce Will Change Drastically

Now that the baby-boomer crowd is moving on to retirement, the question that is on everyone’s mind will finally be answered. What will the future of the workforce look like when the next generation of workers have filled the majority of roles? We thought we’d shed a little light on what is possible now that the current “workforce” generation is moving on and they are being replaced with a vastly different generation.

It’s All About The Decision


When we say it’s all about the decision, we are mainly referring to the fact that many young workers arriving in the workforce have so much pressure put on them with regards to what they will go into, that this can prove to be quite a daunting decision. The majority of these types of workers have so much pressure put on them to find the perfect job from their parents and society, that most of them just either end up bouncing around from one job to the next or choose to not decide. They witness their parents working at the same company for 30+ years and want no part of that, however, they do still want to pay and the security. What this indecision ultimately results in, is a non-stable workforce that will not be steadily growing until most of these young workers are over 40! The most confusing aspect of this entire dilemma is that most baby boomers choose to not help, but instead criticize. They choose to talk and complain to each other about the looming danger that is going to be present once the new generation replaces them as opposed to helping. What needs to happen, is much more baby-boomers moving out of their positions, should adopt themselves as mentors to help those coming up. We all know the transition into the workforce is tough but if any of us were to have someone devoted to making it easier, things would definitely run much smoother.


What Can We Do To Help?


One of the biggest factors that will help our young people find their path easier is if we have a lot of the baby-boomers and current workforce to both take the pressure off of them, and second of all, give them a better reason to look forward to the workforce. Many parents of this generation can step in and say “we support you no matter what, we just want you to be happy”. What this will result in, is a young worker who is now focused on their own happiness, and will, therefore, find it a lot quicker. Ultimately if the baby-boomer workforce wants to sleep easier at night they should instead help those coming up by showing support and working much harder to take the pressure off.


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How To Work For Yourself

If there is one common complaint that comes from most workers, it is that they do not like their boss. Whether they are rude, power-hungry or just plain inconsiderate many people go to work liking their job but not their boss. All anyone in this situation has to do however to escape, is look at the real reason they are in that situation in the first place. Whether it is because you fail to set high enough goals, therefore disabling you from climbing the company ladder. Or if it is simply from a standpoint of not wanting to stand up for yourself, most workers have to, unfortunately, deal with this problem. In this post, we are going to talk about a couple things to consider when your boss is driving you crazy and you want to work for yourself.


It’s Not As Easy As You Think!


If you were ever able to go behind a character such as your boss or an executive at the company you work for, you will see tons and tons of hidden layers filled with stress, anxiety, and worry (any leader for whom this is not true is not doing a good enough job). This is unfortunately what most people miss completely when they decide that they are going to branch out and either work for themselves or start their own company. We recommend for all those in favor of giving their job “the kick in the rear” to pay attention to a couple key points; firstly you will ultimately fail if you embark on a different journey for the sole reason that you don’t want to be doing something else. Steve Jobs shared some wonderful wisdom on this aspect by saying “ People say you need to have a lot of passion for what you do, because if you don’t, then any rational person would give up”. Just make sure that you are embarking on something that pulls you in and makes you passionate about it. Second of all, make sure that you know entrepreneurship is not something that you can just do and then succeed in. It is, unfortunately, something which requires you to fail, then try again then fail and try again..etc. Make sure that you are aware of this when you embark on the journey to be your own boss. Lastly, make sure that you also realize the potential of how fulfilling it can be as well! Once you have figured your craft out and you are actively pursuing it, there is a huge sense of accomplishment now that you have accepted one of life’s main challenges and succeeded. You will then be on your way to leading a much more pleasant life filled with opportunity and hope as opposed to oppression and despair.

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Why Do We Work The 9:00 To 5:00?

It is a question that many of us ask ourselves however it seems that while many don’t know why in fact they go for the “safe” job to work the hours (regardless of fulfillment). The reality is more than 50% of Americans do it. Over half of Americans go to work every single day not looking forward to what they do, they leave to work at a job they most likely choose early because it was either available or it was pressured by society. This sad reality is actually what is driving this country backward. By having a population of unfulfilled, soul-less “worker bees” the country does not thrive economically, socially or personally. Below we have broken down a couple things to consider if you find yourself getting trapped in the 9:00 to 5:00 rat race.


Stop Listening To Other People!


Not only are these “other people” not you (duh), these other people giving you the advice and guiding you do not know the full picture of who you are. It is unfortunate that such a great deal of young, prosperous Americans in their low 20’s have their parents breathing down their neck as soon as they opt into the workforce. These parental pressures are usually driven by an “I know what’s best” attitude coupled with a lack of self-value to carve one’s own path. By not listening to what your body and mind are telling you, you are literally walking the pathway to a miserable, regret-filled life. So what do we recommend? Make sure that you take every single piece of career advice with a grain of salt. If you parents want you to be a doctor, smile, nod, and then realize what YOUR opinion is on it at another time.


It’s Never Too Late!


One of the other ways that many people find their unhappiness if through giving up on what actually makes them happy. All too often many of us find ourselves “comfortable” with where we are and therefore are blind to the reality that is we hate what we do. What we encourage is for people to realize it is never too late! Studies show that you will actually have higher self-esteem and happiness if you try and fail at something you want rather than if you never try at all and just regret it. Each and every one of us knows this to be true so stop procrastinating on living a fulfilling life! Seriously question what you do and why you do it, and then you will find true happiness.

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Unions: A History Of This Country’s Backbone

Unions both labor and trade are recognized in the U.S as being the representatives of all of the workers in a specific industry. These unions offer the workers protection but at the same time lack of freedom. They offer them power, without independence. Many believe that unions are a good thing for this country, however regardless of your opinion, here is a brief history of the entire theory of “A Union”.


The Timeline


The main reason that the idea of a “one for all” union came into place in the 19th century when the industrial age was born. The national unions started forming legitimately after the end of the civil war era. Around this time there were very few successful unions that were able to survive and therefore the future looked dim for them. In 1886 the American Federation of Labour was born and therefore gave rise to the first powerful and well-run union the country had seen. It served as a big player in organizing workers strikes as well as being a strong political influence as well. At its pinnacle, it had approximately 1.4 million members inside the union and it was successfully credited with negotiating raises and benefits for all members, being the first of it’s kind to do so.


Pro-business conservatives then we able to gain control of Congress in 1946, and soon after, followed up with the Taft-Hartley Act. The current President, President Truman vetoed it quickly but the Conservative coalition overrode the veto thereby passing the Taft-Hartley Act. The veto override had significant Democratic support, even including 106 out of 177 Democrats in the House. The law, which is still in effect, was able to ban union contributions to political candidates, restricted the power of unions to call strikes that “threatened national security.”.This was the first real piece of legislature to pass which shackled the hands of many unions in the country. The unions campaigned vigorously for years to repeal the law but were ultimately unsuccessful.  It was in this period during the mid 20th century where the turning point began when the unions began losing the power they once sought and therefore were no longer able to enforce they way as efficiently.
Unfortunately, since the mid 20th century, the American Labour movement has been steadily declining. It was then in the 1950’s when roughly a third of the American Labour Force was unionized, however by 2012 the proportion was down to almost 11%. It was clear that it was during this time between the 1950’s and 2000 that unions everywhere took a hit. Even though they may still be vanishing and have been since 1950, there are many reasons why these unions are the country’s backbone. Firstly, they stand for everything that is American.

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